Nail de Dance

Get Glam: Acrylic Nail Kits and Supplies

There is evidence of the Japanese using nail art in ancient history, and they have had centuries to perfect this popular form of expression. Our acrylic nails have roots in Japan, and the top professionals have made a valuable and quality product available with acrylic nail designs.

With other forms of nail paint, it can take a lot of time for the drying process to complete and often the result is unattractive smudging. Our acrylic nail kit & supplies will keep your salon fully stocked with everything your manicurists might need. For an added level of individuality for your customers, you can choose glitter acrylic nails and acrylic powder.

Offering brands like Nail de Dance, SuperNail, More Courtue and ibd, Nail Labo has every wholesale acrylic nail product needed to keep your salon at the top of its game. Nail Labo Store offers products like acrylic powder, brushes, kits, forms, cleaners, liquids, glitter powder, files and buffers, acrylic remover and more. Browse our wide variety of acrylic nail supplies and order today!