Presto x Aprés Gel-X Tips - BritneyTOKYO Heart Square Medium [250pcs]

Love is in the air with these delicate and charming nail enhancements. Express individual style with BritneyTOKYO Heart Cut-Out Tips and you won’t feel disappointed. apres works hard to deliver trendy styles that keep you looking fresh every month.

BritneyTOKYO Heart Cut-Out Tips includes 250 nail enhancements with a dainty heart punched out on the end. All Gel-X nail enhancements are formulated with soft-gel so they look and feel natural. Use in combination with apres' Extend gel coat to achieve a glamorous look that lasts.

Style: Natural

Shape: Square

Length: Medium

At A Glance:

  • 250 Heart Cut-Out nail enhancements
  • Square shape
  • Everyday style- medium length
  • Soft-gel formula- natural feel
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to remove

***Gel-X Tip box does not come with size 00; there is an empty slot in the box designated for it if you choose to purchase the individual refill tip to place in the box.***