Airtex Compressor




  • Install Airbrush holder onto Air-K Compressor
  • Connect one end of the Air hose to the compressor and another end to the Airtex handpiece (sold separately).
  • Insert the adaptor to the socket next to hose socket then plug adaptor into wall outlet.
  • Press ON/OFF button and turn it on.
  • Press the MODE button to adjust the mode for air. (3 speed levels)
    • 3 lights on = HIGH
    • 2 lights on = MED
    • 1 light on = LOW



  • Avoid any liquid contact with compressor and parts.
  • Never operate near water or humid area.
  • Intent use is for nail art ONLY.
  • Operate with dry hands. Do not touch plug, cord or switches with wet hands.
  • Remove the cord from the socket after usage to avoid an electric shock or an accident due to an unexpected rotation.
  • Please turn off when not in use and avoid usage for long hours.