Maintenance & Repairs

~ To extend the life of your machine ~

Many of the defects that are seen for repair can be avoided with a little bit of caution. There are a few points to be careful of in order for the machine to have a long-lasting effect.



 If the product breaks down during the warranty period under normal conditions of use due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace parts free of charge for a period of up to 12months from the date of purchase. * The following warranty only applies to ageha, Airtex, Nail Labo and Presto products. 



*There may be chance that  additional charges may be required in some cases, even during the warranty period.




~ Flow of Repairment ~

Here is the flow of our repair process. In general, the repair item will be sent to the manufacture in Japan for repair in most cases. As a result of international transfer/shipment, repair processes may take up to 1- 3 months.


STEP 1: Submit Repair Service form
Please submit Nail Labo USA Service Form from HERE, OR download the PDF version from HERE. If you download PDF version, please print it out and fill all the information and send it to us via email or with your machine. Make sure to write your name, contact information, and the detailed descriptions of the problems of your machines.  
STEP 2: Ship or drop off your machine to Nail Labo 
Ship or drop off your item to our Nail Labo store in Garden Grove, California. Make sure to submit your Nail Labo USA Service Form via online, via emailor send it to our store with your machine. When you ship your machine make sure to have your name and contact information in the package so that we can follow up.
If you are in local area you may also come to our shop and drop off your machine.
Nail Labo (ATT: Repair department),
14361 Euclid Street Suite 3L Garden Grove, CA 92843
(714) 643-9182
STEP 3: Estimate 
Your repair item will be shipped to the manufacture in Japan for repair. After the transfer of the item and the inspections, we will contact you regarding repair estimates. Once we have your confirmation, the repair process will begin. The item will be returned if you decide not to go through with the repair process.
STEP 4: Payment
When your item is back to Nail Labo USA from Japan, we will contact you again to ask for your payment at this time.
STEP 5: Delivery
As soon as the payment process is completed we will ship out your item to you! 
You may choose to pick up the item at our Nail Labo store to avoid shipping charge or if you need your machine ASAP.


  • In some cases, we may incur repair fee even if it is within the warranty period.
  • To avoid damages and losses, please do not turn in any items that do not need to be repaired, such as bits and handpiece stand.
  • Airtex products have a longer turnaround time due to shipping and handling.
  • Issues with apres products are not protected under our warranty; please reach out to apres for product inquiries.


Rental Service

  • Machines can be rented during the period of repairment.
  • Please be aware that there may be cases in which rentals are unavailable for there are limited number of machines.
  • The rental service requires a deposit of $100 which will be reimbursed in full upon returning the machine to Nail Labo Inc.
  • Please return in same condition as it was rented.