Presto Liquid Gel Liner L001 [2.7g] [Jar]

Liner art gel with a smooth texture that spreads evenly, even with low viscosity. Designed for delicate art and intricate lining. 
For detailed art purposes only. Art gels are highly pigmented. Use appropriate amount to prevent certain areas from not curing properly. To prevent cracking or lifting, please avoid applying to large areas. Since this gel is highly curable and hardens easily, it is recommended to place the desired amount to be used on a palette and close the lid whenever the gel is not being used. 
Both LED and UV light curable; recommended to cure with Presto LED light for the best cure.
Curing time: Presto LED light: 20 sec / UV Light (36W): 120 sec
Size: 2.7g
Made in Japan. Store in a cool, dark place away from any direct light sources for longevity.