Presto Color Gel EL013 [Jar] [J063]

The Presto Color Gel EL Collection is a collaboration, produced by Ellie Chou, a Presto certified instructor. High-quality color gel with easy handling like bottled gel. Even, brilliant coloration with a beautiful finish. No mixing or shaking necessary. 

*Previously known as J063*

Both LED and UV light curable; recommended to cure with Presto LED light for the best cure.
Curing time : Presto LED Light - 20sec/UV Light (36W) - 120sec
Size: 2.7g 
Made in Japan. Store in a cool, dark place away from any direct light sources for longevity. 

Finish: Sheer, Pearl

*Swatch photos are not entirely accurate to the true color during application. Compared to the swatch, the actual color may vary due to lighting, application method (layers applied), and etc.*

  1. Colors may differ from actual product depending on each individual screen setting
  2. Suggested curing time is for Presto LED light only. Other LED lights may require different curing times.
  3. Please use within 1 year after opening and utilize the product within 3 years after purchasing.
  4. Product quality can change with light and heat exposure so it is recommended that all products are stored in a dark cool place
  5. Soft Gel/Soak Off Gel