Airtex AIR-K Compressor

Airtex original DC compressor.

Equipped with a 4-cylinder [V4]- it releases air quietly with less pulsation.

Size: W130×D90×H50 

Weight: 272g

◆Three-stage pressure mode switching type
◆Airbrush interlocking auto-switch method
Two airbrush holders are provided as standard to set the airbrush according to the direction of the compressor. 
◆Maximum pressure: 0.1Mpa
◆Air discharge rate: 4ℓ/min
◆Operating sound: 45dB or less
◆Rated time: 30 minutes
◆Power consumption: 7.2W
◆Rated voltage/frequency: AC100V-240V (50/60Hz)

2 airbrush holders Air
hose/SS: 1.5M
power cord 
Instruction manual

Tutorial Video is available on YouTube

**Airbrush in the image is sold separately**


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