Nail de Dance Pinching Sticks w/ Diamond Coated Sanding Band [8pcs] [While Supplies Last]

Diamond Sticks are used when creating acrylic nails with nail forms.
Place the diamond stick underneath free edge and nail extension, then pinch to create a "C curve". Gently rotate the diamond pinching stick to smoothen underneath nail extension. 

Since the tip is coated with diamond, the free edge can be sharpened from the inside to quickly adjust the thickness. 

It is very hygienic because it can be washed and disinfected as is. It comes with a special case and is convenient to carry.
Length approx. 120mm
Diameter No.1: 4.5mm
No.2: 5.5mm
No.3: 6mm (former No.2 +)
No.4: 7mm (former No.3)
No.5: 7.5mm ( formerly No.3) Former No.4)
No.6: 8mm (former No.5)
No.7: 9mm (former No.6)
No.8: 10mm (former No.7)