Aprés Sheer Gel Couleur - 705 Cloud Break

Light & Shadow Sheer Gel Couleur is a HEMA and cruelty free, vegan formula that is a sheer, buildable gel color. Light & Shadow Sheer Gel Couleur also provides the perfect tool along with the perfect color—our revolutionary in-bottle Brush-X, a game changing tool for even and precise application.


  • HEMA-free
  • Vegan and Cruelty-free
  • Softly pigmented, medium viscosity gel color perfect for one color or nail art
  • Buildable, self-leveling formula
  • 30 seconds LED cure

Pro Tips!

  • Wait for a few seconds before curing for gel color to self-level
  • Apply a thin layer of Sheer Gel Couleur for an even and beautiful finish


After prepping the natural nail and applying Base Gel coat, apply a layer of Light & Shadow Sheer Gel Couleur then cure for 30 sec LED. Follow with an optional second coat for a more opaque finish, curing for 30 sec LED. Finish with the Après Non-Wipe Top Gelcoat. When applying on Gel-X Tips, NO base coat is needed.

Please Note

Gold imprint lettering is not acetone resistant. Please clean Light & Shadow bottles with alcohol only.