SOFlite - Flash Cure Light Stand

Handsfree operation for enhanced precision: apply SOFtips™ perfectly with the use of both hands. Ideal for precision tasks such as setting rhinestones/crystals or setting rubber base gels, polygel, or builder gel seamlessly from finger to finger– preventing any unwanted slipping or sliding before complete hand is finished. With a fully collapsible design, SOFlite™ ensures convenient on-the-go usage without compromising efficiency.

  • Passive touch ON/OFF power
  • Timer: 60sec
  • 225 degree arm joint/ 240 degree swivel joint
  • Battery: rechargeable unit with 1 hour use (5 hour full charge)
  • Extra USB port for plug-in accessories


  • Power Watt: 10W(MAX)
  • Wavelength: 365+405nm
  • Battery Capacity: 1500mAH
  • Charging Input: 5V1A (USB-C)


Cautions: Please follow instructions carefully.

  • Do not spill or submerge in liquids.
  • Unplug adapter when not in use (maintains battery health)
  • Do not use lamp when there is an adapter failure.
  • Do not leave lamp on for more than 300 minutes at a time as it will damage the lifespan of product.