Sofgel Non-Wipe Ultra Gloss Gel Topcoat

Unlock the secret to show-stopping nails with SOFGEL Ultra Gloss Gel Topcoat. Get ready to indulge in the brilliance, embrace the luster, and make your nails the epitome of perfection. Elevate your nail game to the next level and let your fingertips radiate with confidence!

  • Unparalleled High Gloss: SOFGEL advanced formula creates an ultra-reflective, glass-like finish that magnifies the beauty of your manicure. 
  • Long-lasting Luster: Say goodbye to dull nails after week one. SOFGEL topcoat is specially formulated to provide lasting shine and protection for up to 3 weeks!
  • Versatile Compatibility: No matter what brand of gel color you prefer, SOFGEL topcoat is universally compatible!