Not only will you have all the tools you need to do SOFTIPS PRO™ nail extensions in the Master Kit- you’ll also be able to experience both collections of SOFTIPS PRO™ - XII & XV. Try them out and see which tip style is more suitable to your client base before you commit to a full-sized box of tips!

Professional-Quality Extensions

Experience the World’s Best full coverage soft gel tips  with SOFTIPS PRO™ Nail Extension Kit, curated for professional-level results. 

Long-Lasting Wear

Experience durability like never before as our kit equips you with soft gel nail essentials designed for enduring wear. Say goodbye to frequent touch-ups and hello to nails that stay flawless for longer.

Complete Essentials

From the multi-functional  SOFGEL PRO™ Tip Adhesive  Gel to our best-selling SOFtop™ Ultra-Gloss Topcoat, every component of this kit is meticulously chosen to provide the ultimate soft gel nail extension experience. Our hands-free SOFlite™ Flash Cure Light ensures effortless curing, while the SOFTIPS PRO™ Variety Collection tip box offers a plethora of signature standard styles to explore and try out .

SOFTIPS PRO™ XII & XV Variety Collection 

XII-Crafted for a natural handfeel, XII is a collection of lightweight and malleable tips that look and feel like an extension of your client’s own natural nail. Each variety box offers 12 styles to meet all your salon’s needs, providing a flawless style fit for every client. 

XV-Meticulously crafted through extensive research and development, each of the 15 sizes embodies  the perfect  balance between form and function. These soft gel extensions, designed to replicate the sought-after acrylic-like look while saving time and energy, features a stunning apex and thinner cuticle base  that seamlessly melds with the natural cuticle.