Intro to Nail Art with Aulani [Beginners]- [06/17/24] [A.M.] [Online][KIT]

Join us and learn viral/ trendy yet timeless nail art with Aulani! This course is beginner friendly!

Topics covered:

- Brush control to steadily create line art 

- Picking up right amounts of paint according to what look is desired 

- How to perfect French Tips

- Drawing Stars and Hibiscus Flowers

- Working with chrome ( viral art + 3D art)

- 3D Designs

This class will be streamed ONLINE via 4K LIVE STREAMING. 

Hosted by: Nail Labo Academy

Date: June 17th 2024
Time:  9:30 AM- 12 PM
- Limited seating
- Hands-on training time

  • Color Gels:

    • Shades of Pink
    • Nude gel
    • Black Gel liner
    • (any other colors added would be great but not needed)
  • Silver mirrored chrome
  • Ageha metal spatula
  • Ageha silicone sticks
  • No Wipe Top Gel 
  • LED Lamp
  • Presto Sponge Buffer 180
  • Alcohol or Nail Cleanser
  • Lint Free Wipes
  • Acetone
  • Clear Palette
  • Tip Holder
  • Full Cover Tips

Kit Includes

  • Presto Brush Liner M
  • Presto Brush Liner L
  • Brush Flat #4
  • Gummy Clear Gel
  • No wipe resin gel